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PODS made its’ home on Anglesey, North Wales back in 2001 after Peter and Delia Roberts moved to Bryngwran from Northamptonshire.

PODS (Practical Obedience and Dog Sports) provides facilities, training and competition for dogs and their handlers in Flyball and Agility against the backdrop of the Snowdonia Mountain Range. In addition, Peter and Delia offer a wealth of experience and knowledge in practical obedience for owners and their dogs.        It was set up in 2007 by vegans, Terry Kemp and Chris Johns, on the sad realisation that there simply were not enough spaces in existing rescue organisations across the country for the hundreds of animals that were being neglected and abandoned every day.    I’m Gavin. I take photos. I love doing it. Its extremely demanding work, yet Its extremely rewarding. I’m a personable chap who enjoys meeting new people, with friends all around the world. I like being outdoors and love going to new places. I enjoy spur of the moment trips and the challenge of getting from A to B. My camera goes everywhere with me and my list of things I enjoy doing are listed below.

Written by Kim Farrington — September 07, 2013


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