Hello and Welcome to the world of KimsFancyBits.

I started my passion for Jewellery nearly a year ago now. I was bought a beautiful Bracelet but it didn't have any Charms on. I searched through the Internet and yes,i landed on the well published Site to buy and sell things.
On doing so i found myself addicted to changing the charms every few weeks as i found more designed and more bargains.
That is when i came up with the idea of running my own Online website selling Beautiful Jewellery at Great affordable Prices.
I soon found I had  registered as a buyer on many wholesale sites and the postman was at the door everyday with more goodies.  It felt like Christmas every morning.   I wanted to pass on my experience with Pandora, and love of pretty Jewellery to other people too, so hence my Online Shop.
My first sale to America was just mind blowing. Me a small online Jewellery shop had been found in America.  It was a very uplifting moment.
I hope you like my shop and find a piece you like, whether it be a Pandora Charm,  a Gemstone Ring, or a Fashion Bracelet.
All Our Pandora are 100% Genuine,we pride ourself on being able to spot a fake a mile away. All our Silver Jewellery is fine Sterling silver not cheap imitation from China,and our Genuine Gemstones come with Authenticity Certificates for your peace of mind.
All Your purchases are also covered by our returns Polices. 
All my Jewellery is sent out with secure Packing and Royal Mail Tracking.
Thanks for reading about KimsFancyBits and hope you come back again soon.

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